Small Groups

Small groups because faith forms best with friends!

Jack, Danielle, Angel, & Caleb

Coed | Monday @ 7:00pm  

4001 Oaklawn St 

Text Caleb: 254-718-0093

Email Caleb:


Kaitlin, Susan, Lindsey, & Carlin

Girls | Wednesday @ 7:00pm 

Upstairs @ BSM (203 College Main)

Text Lindsey: 806-319-2762

Email Lindsey:


Aaron & Jordan

Guys | Wednesday @ 7:00pm 

Upstairs @ BSM (203 College Main)

Text Jordan: 205-799-7738

Email Aaron:


Hunter & Connor

Guys | Thursday @ 6:00pm 

FBC-CS Youth Building (2300 Welsh) 

Text Connor: 512-826-7085

Email Connor:


Annie, Lilli, Ellen, & Miranda

Girls | Wednesday @ 7:00pm 

645 San Mario Ct

Text Annie: 832-433-0314

Email Annie:

Community is not a Christian option but a Biblical mandate. We cannot and should not try to follow Jesus alone. We must surround ourselves with friends who will encourage us, equip us, and will hold us accountable for our actions. In small groups, we both show and feel love, extend and receive grace, help others and receive help from others. Small groups are the place where you can know others and be known by others. Check out our small group options below!