An Advent Reading for Monday, December 18

Contemporary song, Mary, Did You Know?

(Editor’s note: If you are unfamiliar with this tune, you might consider viewing one of the many YouTube versions that are available.)

(Scripture from various New Testament accounts of Jesus’ life)

   This time last year, I was just a few months away from meeting my son. Every time I felt him move, I had an overwhelming urge to hold him in my arms for the first time. When I finally did, I was in awe of God’s handiwork—the tiny veins in his eyelids, the expressiveness of his hands, the perfect curve of his head. I could not stop staring at him. Even now, when I rock him to sleep every night, I gaze at his precious face, thank God for this gift, and pray that He will show me exactly the kind of mother my son needs at every stage of his life. This little boy in my arms has a purpose that no one knows but God. His burgeoning personality, gifts, and talents were specifically combined to fulfill that purpose, and all of his days are already planned. (Psalm 139:16).
   Mary had the rare privilege of knowing exactly who her little one would grow up to be before He was born (Luke 1:31-33). Yet I’m sure her mind was still full of questions. After all, Gabriel told her that her Son would rule and there would be no end to His kingdom. What would that look like? Would He live in a palace? Would He wear fine clothes and have servants? Whatever she pictured, it was almost certainly not the earthly life that He ultimately lived and the profound impact He would have on humanity for all eternity.
   However, knowing that she was holding the Son of the Most High, I can’t help but think she must’ve gazed at her sweet baby’s face and marveled at His potential as she rocked Him to sleep every night.

Jennifer (Maddox) Kling