An Advent Reading for Friday, December 22

Share His Love

They never stopped teaching and preaching the good news.  Acts 5:42

(Editor’s note, Mary suggests you read Acts 17-42 to get the full story.)

   As Christians, we are admonished to never stop teaching and preaching the good news. We are to SHARE His love.
   S—Speak Up—Everyone can share the good news (gospel). You may never have taken a “soul winning class,” but that should not stop you from witnessing to others. 
   H—Help Others—One way to share His love is to help others. God will bless the smallest to the greatest endeavor if we allow Him to use us and don’t care who gets the credit.
   A—Always have an Answer—Has anyone ever asked you why you are happy or why you don’t complain? Be ready to answer them with what the Lord has done for you.
   R—The Righteousness of Christ should be evidenced in our daily lives. Always do the right thing. How you know? Ask yourself “what would Jesus do?” Then do the right thing, regardless of the consequences.
   E—Enduring Persecution—The Apostles continued to teach and preach the good news. The good news is the Gospel of Christ: the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
   As the holidays approach, be ready to always SHARE Jesus’s love, for He is the Reason for the Season. Merry Christmas and pass it on.

Mary Harmon