An Advent Reading for Tuesday, December 5

Hymn 77, Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus

The promise which was made … God hath fulfilled. Acts 13:32-33 KJV

   A person who says that there are no absolutes is making an absolute statement and thus explodes that assertion. Does a triangle have three sides? Absolutely! It always has and always will whether or not a person believes or even knows this. In much the same way, the promises of God are absolute and will be fulfilled whether or not a person believes or even knows this.
   For hundreds of years people had been waiting for God to fulfill His promise that Jesus would be born and give His life as payment for our sins and then be raised from the dead. The song, “Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus” articulates the hope and desire of God’s people for centuries. The Apostle Paul reminded the people of God that God had kept His promise and Jesus had come, died, and was resurrected.
   Today Christians sing “Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus” in anticipation of His second coming. This event will be just as real as His first coming. As we celebrate Christmas, let’s not allow the flashing lights, decorated trees, and Santa Claus to rob us of its meaning: God fulfilled His promise and Jesus came. His first coming is history. Prophecy is “pre-written history” by God and He says that Jesus is coming again. Is this true? Absolutely. Knowing this, Christmas 2017 can be one of the most joyous and merry ever!

Dr. Mike Harmon
Retired pastor and evangelist