Advent Devotional for Sunday, December 2

Christmas Character: God

Suggested reading: Genesis 1:1

God is sometimes a forgotten character in the Christmas story, but He actually set the stage for everything that happened in Bethlehem when He created the heavens and the earth. God always had a plan. God separated the dark and the light, created the sky, and the oceans and the land. Then God filled what He had created. He made the sun, the moon, and the stars. He created birds and all kinds of animals. God made His creation ready for the next part of the plan. God created mankind in His image.

But the plan was not yet complete. God knew that people would sin, and they did. God was not surprised at their sin. His plan provided a way for people to come with Him and live with Him forever.

When the time was right, God worked His plan. A young woman and a young man made their way to Bethlehem across the earth God had made. They took refuge in a stable, the home of the animals God had created. Their new baby was placed in a manger filled with hay that God had provided.

Not far away, shepherds watched their flocks under the night sky God had made. Suddenly that sky was the background for angels announcing the birth and culmination of God’s plan. Later, wise men on camels traveled the desert God had made. A star, created by God, led them to the very house where Jesus was. God’s design for Jesus to come as the Savior of the world was proceeding according to plan.

Thank you, God, for being the powerful creator and for having the plan to save Your children.

Kathy Strawn