Advent Devotional for Tuesday, December 4

Christmas Character: Mary

Suggested reading: Luke 1:26-38

The whole family is coming to your house this year! How will it get done? Why me?

The angel of the Lord said to Mary, “Greetings. You are highly favored. The Lord is with you. You will be with child and give birth to a son and his name will be Jesus.” Mary was greatly troubled and surely asked, “Why me? How will it get done?”

We are asked at times to shoulder responsibilities greater than we want to ever imagine receiving. After the inevitable “Why me?” we must be like Mary. Her mission was a blessing to the whole world. She accepted the challenge knowing the Lord was with her.

Our mission is to be a blessing to our whole world, the immediate area where we reside. As we prayerfully accept our challenges we must, like Mary, know the Lord is with us and then go out and create experiences that will last a lifetime for those we touch.

Mary’s task was certainly not easy in any way at all, but its benefit to us is never ending. Our tasks, many times, are not easy at all, but with the Lord walking beside us are also of eternal consequence.

The Lord be with you. Be like Mary.

Paula Biondi