8:30am      Early Worship

9:45am      Sunday school for all ages

11:00am      Late Worship

6:00pm      W.A.M. Music



Mission Friends           Babies - Kindergarten

Bible Buddies              1st-3rd grade

Bible Drill                     4th-6th grade



Bible Drill teaches boys and girls many important skills about using their Bibles and helps them to hide some very important parts of God’s Word in their hearts.  What they learn will help them grow closer to God and aid in their spiritual walk. We always tell children that the things they learn in Bible Drill are “eternal things.”

Bible Drill culminates with three levels of drills: Church Drill, Associational Drill, and finally State Drill. These are exciting events but please know children do not compete against anyone but themselves and the time clock.

We hope you and your child will join us this next season! If you have any questions, please contact Bronwyn Stanley at (979) 696-7000 or send her an email: bronwyn@fbccollegestation.com.

2018-2019 Season Kick-Off

Wednesday, August 29

Upstairs in the Education building