Expectations for Families

1. Pray- Families are expected to pray for the student

2. Contact - Set up routine time together to build a relationship. Try to make contact at least weekly through phone or text, but mainly set up a routine time where you can be together face to face as often as both of your schedules will permit.

3. Care - Use the opportunity to be a home away from home for college students.

4. Commit - Make a 1-year commitment to build a nurturing relationship with the student. (It is possible and encouraged to continue the “adoption” throughout their college career after the year is up)

5. Connect - Invite your student to your family activities. These need not take up a great deal of time, energy, or finances. Students are typically very busy with school and activities, and work may not allow a lot of free time either. Knowing that they have a loving family to access is a ministry in itself. Connection is key.

6. Available – Simply by being available to talk, listen, counsel, and care is of great importance. By opening your home, you are inviting your student into relationship with your family.

Activity Ideas

Laundry and a Movie

Holiday & Birthday Gifts

Invite to Family Outings

Attend School Functions

Family Devotionals

Shopping Trip

Care Packages

A Day at the Lake

Laundry & Lunch Day

Invitation to Special Events at Church

Sit Together at Church

Sunday Lunches

Holiday/School Break Invitations

Cook Together

Hiking/Golf/Go to a Sports Event

Ice Cream Night

Mission Projects

Help with school Supplies

Dorm Warming Gift

Encouragement Notes, Texts, E-mails

Encouraging Letter to Students Parents

Family Meal Night

College students are busy. Families are busy. However, we believe if you carve intentional time into your schedule to spend with these students away from home your will be blessing their life in many ways. We would love for you to take the time to open your home, share your life, impart wisdom and love on the students of FBC.