I am glad you are considering leadership and where you might fit. Below is an explanation of each of the roles we offer. Read through each listing as you seek to discover where your passions, skills, and purpose lies. As you apply, you are welcome to click multiple options and we will discuss this more during your leadership interview.

Campus Outreach: Our campus team works to create conversations and opportunities on a regular basis on the campus of Texas A&M. This includes popsicle/coffee/lemonade tables, 30 second surveys, and more. This team lead must be passionate about reaching the campus and the many people who lack community, the Gospel, and hope. Scripture clearly shows us that ministry is done where people are, so we are taking ministry on campus. 

Connection/Welcome Team: Our connection team has one goal – connect with students. This is done with first time guests creating atmospheres where people are comfortable and welcomed. This team handles follow up with cookie deliveries and texts to reconnect. But it doesn’t end there. The goal is not simply to have people attend but to be a part of our ministry in small group, ministry opportunities, and even the whole church.

Creative Arts: Our creative arts team wants to use the talents and gifts of our students in a variety of areas--from designs for informational cards and sermon images, to taking photos, running social media accounts, or even website updates and improvements. If you are creative and/or have experience in photography, graphic design, videography, website development, or any other creative medium, we need your expertise--or else Jordan will revert back to clip art!

Freshmen Engagement: Freshman year is hard as students are forced to make major life transitions often on their own. Our freshman engagers will be focused on helping freshmen transition and find community. These leaders will create freshmen events, connect throughout the week with freshmen, and seek ways to help students through this transition.

Prayer Team: We are looking for people who can help develop and facilitate an atmosphere of prayer in our ministry. This includes creating spaces for requests to be made known and assembling a team who is committed to prayer. However, this role also will focus on developing our ministry in the area of prayer through prayer focuses throughout the year, prayer nights, and more.

Saddlewood Coordinator: Our ministry at Saddlewood is taking off, and relationships are growing with each passing week. In 2019-20, we will have a Saddlewood Coordinator (probably 2 people) who will take on this ministry. Your responsibilities will include weekly planning for our time and working to involve more First College students to be a part. There is a lot of potential on the horizon for this ministry, and I am excited to see what is ahead! We are looking for a leader who is ready to take the lead in this opportunity and bring others with them.

Small Group Leader – As a small group leader, your responsibility is to create an environment where students can share, learn, listen, and grow. Small group leaders are not teacher but involvers of the students in their group. As you gather together each week, your goal is to provide a space where people are comfortable to share, where the group is learning the word, and where you are helping them in developing relationships that help them get through the real issues of life. Finally, a small group leader does more than be present on the specified night for 1.5 hours, but tries to actively involve themselves and the group in each other’s lives throughout the week.  

Worship Coordinator: The Worship Coordinator is in charge of planning, scheduling, and communicating with Jordan weekly for our college group time at 9:45. This role will require incorporating students, organizing musicians, and helping to develop a sense of worship in our time together each Sunday. Musical ability is needed.

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