First College Leadership Expectations


1.     All leaders must have a clear understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and must have trusted in Christ as his/her personal Savior.

2.     All leaders must be committed to personal time with the Lord on a regular basis.

3.     All leaders must remain physically and sexually pure. (Accountability is recommended.)

4.     All leaders must read and be in agreement with the mission, beliefs, and values of First Baptist Church College Station.

5.     All leaders must understand that they are called to live above reproach - in line with scriptural demands of teachers and leaders (1 Tim 3:8-13).

6.     All leaders must be present at each event as well as leadership meetings (“Tiny Group”).

7.     All leaders are expected to attend a Small Group. (Small group leaders are NOT expected to attend another group)

8.     All leaders are expected to check in on a regular basis with Jordan to discuss their area of service.

9.     All leaders are expected to be involved in the whole of the First College Ministry including events and retreats.

10.  Specific Policies:

         a. Alcohol - No underage drinking. It is preferred that leaders abstain from drinking, however, if you are of legal drinking age, there should be no public consumption of alcohol within 45 miles of First Baptist Church College Station. Consumption of alcohol done privately and in moderation is allowed but should not be publicized or placed on social media. It is asked that you act wisely and practice moderation at all times.

         b. Social Media - First, I want to say I use and enjoy social media. However, you must understand that your life is on public display when anything is posted to the internet. Use discretion when posting pictures, comments, or even sharing/retweeting. It is required that your posts be visible by Jordan and any issues that arise will be addressed by him.

         c. Dating Relationship - As you seek godliness and purity in your relationship, boundaries must be established in dating relationships. At no point is sex, cohabitation, or spending the night with a member of the opposite sex allowed or tolerated.