Dates - May 19-25

Cost $450


How are we getting to NYC?

We will be flying from Houston on Saturday May 19th.

Where are we staying in NYC?

We will be staying at Metro New York Baptist Association located on 72nd in the Upper West Side. This building accommodates groups all year long. On the 5th floor, there is a guys and girls room that is filled with 15 sets of bunkbeds in each. The building is fully equipped with a dining hall, showers, and bedding.

What will we be doing in NYC?

We are partnering with Connection Church which is a church plant focuses on the Astoria Neighborhood of Queens. We are going to be extra hands and feet to their existing ministries. We will have the opportunity to serve their ministry to moms, engage people in the neighborhood, and even help with their upstart college ministry. 

What other expenses are to be expected?

Your $450 dollars covers your airfare, subway system card, lodging, and a few breakfasts (and maybe 2 lunches). You will be expected to purchase dinner each night and to pay for any souvenirs or entertainment options you choose to attend.

Will there be any time for tourism?

Yes, part of the goal of this trip is for you to experience (and maybe even fall in love with) the city. The tentative plan is to give you free time each day in 1 of 3 time slots - morning, afternoon, or evening. We will require everyone to be in groups of 3 or more but you are welcome to spend your free time as you please. So visit the Statue of Liberty, walk through Central Park, catch a Yankees game, or maybe even check out a show.